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What Do the Recent Changes in CoStar and LoopNet Mean for Your Listings?

by Shara Dahl | Oct 09, 2017

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With the integration of CoStar and LoopNet now complete, new enhancements in place, and changes aplenty, we wanted to shed some additional light on what all of this means for your listings.

To List on CoStar

  • Listing on CoStar is and always will be free. You do not need a CoStar or LoopNet subscription to add a listing on CoStar.
  • When you list with CoStar, your listing is accessible to more than 110,000 commercial real estate professionals. This is a highly influential audience that represents 95% of the top 1,000 commercial real estate firms and leases and buys over $1.5 trillion of commercial real estate each year.
  • You can add listings on CoStar via your local research team, or through the new online form available at

To List on LoopNet

  • As the number one commercial real estate marketplace with five million unique monthly visitors and massive tenant investor audience reach, LoopNet will now display listings from paying advertisers only.This will allow LoopNet to invest on what it does best – providing exceptional advertising that reaches motivated buyers.
  • To list on LoopNet, you will need a premium advertisement. This can be a Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Premium listing.
  • Your advertised listings will be accessible to all five million+ monthly unique visitors on LoopNet, Cityfeet, Showcase and more than 200 newspaper partners.

You can easily manage your listings exposure via the marketing tab of your new listing dashboard, located on the new CoStar homepage, which also features quick search and navigation tools, in-depth national and local news coverage, and prominently placed local advertising opportunities.

You can also view a video covering how to navigate the new listing dashboard for both CoStar and LoopNet.


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